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About Amber

Amber is the mother of two children, Connor, and Felicity and wife to Eugene.  Born in Pike County to Michael and Jan Hunt, Amber grew up in the Coal Run community and attended Pike County Central High School.  Throughout her early life, Amber's parents instilled in her values that would later serve as the very foundation for her educational and career pursuits, and eventually, the very same values that her and her husband, Eugene, would pass down to their children.

These values of honesty, fairness, dedication, compassion and most of all, integrity, would be the very same values that would instill her drive and passion for the law and later lead her onto her path as an attorney by way of Georgetown College and Appalachain School of Law.  While in law school Amber was Editor In Chief of the schools Energy and Mineral Law Journal and accepted the prestigious Willard Owens given to only those who exhibit exemplary community service. Also, Amber performed her externship with the Kentucky Supreme Court.

After law school, Amber stayed home to, again, put those very same values to work.  While dedicating her practice to the families in Pike County, Amber has practiced in nearly every aspect of District Court, giving her the true experience needed to run a courtroom.  Amber has worked on criminal, small claims and civil, landlord/tenant, guardianship, probates, and involuntary mental health cases, all of which contribute to her professional career and help mold her as the most experienced candidate in the field today.  

The most important part of Ambers work is her compassion and charity-- giving back to the community.  Between her practice representing the families in our county, and being a wonderful mother to Connor and Felicity, Amber volunteers for many local charities and organizations.

Whether it be through her dedication and pursuit of justice for the clients she serves, the compassion and leadership she shows Connor and Felicity, or the charity she exhibits while giving back to the community, it is clear -  Amber Hunt Sisco WILL bring honesty and fairness to the courtroom.  She will carry those same values, passed down through generations, just like she has done throughout her life, to the bench of the Pike County District Court, Division No. I.   

Let's vote to keep integrity in the courtroom of Pike County.  Let's vote for the integrity YOU deserve!


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